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Common disposable clothing for travel,Common disposable clothes for travelling,Common Disposable protective clothing

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Common disposable clothing for travel,Common disposable clothes for travelling

Common Disposable protective clothing

disposable clothing for travel

1、 Ordinary PP non-woven protective clothing

disposable clothes for travelling

Breathable, dustproof, non waterproof, good tensile resistance, and no obvious difference between front and back. It is used in ordinary clean environment, such as dustproof in electronic factory, breeding farm, food factory, industrial production workshop, leader's visit and inspection, etc.

2、 Peritoneal nonwoven protective clothing

Disposable protective clothing

It is airtight, waterproof and has good bacteria isolation effect, with obvious distinction between positive and negative sides. The side in contact with the body is non-woven fabric, which is not allergic and feels good. There is a layer of plastic film outside to prevent liquid leakage. It is used in occasions with pollution and virus. The hospital infection ward mainly uses the film coated non-woven fabric protective clothing protected by Weifang Andy.

3、 SMS non woven protective clothing

Common disposable clothing for travel

Three layers of composiCommon disposable clothing for travelte non-woven fabric, with a waterproof and bacteria isolation layer in the middle, and the outer layer is PP non-woven fabric with sesame dot pattern, which is strong and tensile, and has the function of bacteria isolation, waterproof and breathable. It is generally used in 100000 grade purified environment such as bacterial culture laboratory and sterile surgical room.

4、 Breathable membrane non-woven protective clothing

Common disposable clothes for travelling

Bacteria isolation, waterproof, slightly breathable, soft texture, it is the most advanced protective clothing. The inner layer is 40g high-grade filament non-woven fabric, and the outer abdomen is provided with a 20g unidirectional breathable PE film. Its characteristic is that the sweat of the human body can be emitted outward, while the harmful gas and water outside can not invade.

Chemical Resistant Clothing

Lab Clothing

Disposable Lab Clothing

Disposable Chemical Resistant Clothing

chemical protective clothing

Disposable Clothing

Disposable Clothing Shop

Barrier Disposable Clothing

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